Connect on Realm

What is REALM?

REALM is an exciting way for teens and adults who attend our church to enhance relationships with God and others throughout the week. We use REALM to share church announcements and to add events on our calendar. As a participant you can post prayer requests, find a growth group, RSVP to events, or give an offering from the convenience of a computer or from a secure phone app.

REALM isn’t just another social network for you to keep track of. Our church leaders have chosen to invest in REALM because we believe it will help our whole church to be more effective in our mission, and we hope you will discover the many benefits by creating a profile and participating often.

How do I get connected on REALM?

Sign Up Online

The first step to connecting with others who also attend Grace Community is creating a profile with a user name (i.e. your email address) and password. After you are on REALM you can set your preferences for receiving updates. You can decide how much information to share, and you can participate in a variety of ways.


Download the "Realm Connect" App (Optional)

Once you have a Realm account the most convenient way to stay in touch with our church is to download the “Realm Connect” app by ACS Technologies. Click the link below to download the app for your phone. Then just sign in with your email and password.