Frequently Asked Questions

We know that attending a new church for the first time can be a little bit unnerving. Like the first day at a new school, you might be wondering "What are the people going to be like...? What can I expect...?" We hope that this information will help your experience at Grace Community to be enjoyable and relaxing.

What should I wear?

We are a simple church with an informal atmosphere, and it is our belief that you shouldn’t have to buy a new wardrobe for your family before coming to church. While some people may dress up a bit, many come in jeans or shorts, and the truth is it doesn’t matter either way.

Am I going to stick out?

Our goal is to make you feel welcome–not overwhelmed. We are a church family, and we love people. You can expect to be greeted, but we are not into name tags, pointing out guests, or anything else that will embarrass you.

What do we have for kids?

At Grace Community we hope to make Sundays a family, friendly experience that everyone looks forward to. Our Grace Harbor children’s program provides a safe, fun place for children to encounter God’s grace. We offer a nursery and preschool program for kids from birth to 5 years old (throughout the year) as well as a program for children in K to 5th grade (from September to May only). If kids want to stay in the service with their parents, we welcome them with open arms.

How long is the service?

We will prepare an engaging service with inspiring music and a relevant message that will end in about one hour. However, we invite you to come early and enjoy a cup of coffee or to stay after to visit, fellowship, or receive prayer.

One Final Suggestion

We seek to do everything we can to take the uncertainty out of visiting our church, but perhaps we could make one final suggestion. New experiences are always better if they are shared, and so we would encourage you to bring a family member or friend with you.