Adult Groups

Why would you want to join a Growth Group?

In today’s culture individuals and families find it increasingly difficult to build relationships with others. However, in the beginning God created us with a need for shared life experiences.

A Growth Group is a gathering of individuals, couples, or families who wish to grow closer to God and get to know others.  Some groups meet on a weekly basis. Others meet once or twice monthly. Often they are arranged around similar life experiences, geography, or interests.

Growth Groups are designed to help us become more connected to God and to others in a caring, Christian community. Most groups have some snacks, a Bible study or video, and some time for discussion.

Will you have to pray in public, read out loud, or share personal concerns?
No. We would never intentionally put anyone “on the spot.”  However, if you have questions and concerns we would be happy to listen to you and pray for you if desired.
When are group groups offered?

Growth groups are offered during the school year (September – May) and they typically last anywhere from 5 to 12 sessions.

How can I find more information?

For current information about men’s and women’s groups as well as our midweek Bible study, text the church office at (813) 994-9363.